Best Way to Recycle Old Electronics

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Electronics have revolutionized life as we know it and have become immensely popular in households all over the globe. With the astounding number of new electronics being purchased every day, there is now a growing and urgent need to safely and responsibly dispose of old electronics. Most electronic components are non-biodegradable, and as such, they need to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Some of the ways to do this are;

Delivery to Recycling Organizations

In this day and age, there are non-profit or government organizations that do proper recycling of old electronics in almost all localities. The onus is on you to get the old electronics to collection centers or into the proper waste bins. Once that is done, these professional bodies should be able to safely recycle your old electronics.

Donate them

If the old electronics still work, you could donate them to a charity or give them away. A lot of old electronics need disposal not because they no longer work but because they have been overtaken by current trends and are out of date. This is easily solved by availing them to individuals or organizations that still have utility for them. Done for charity, this may have the advantage of counting as a tax deductible.

Sell them

Old electronics can be a good source for spare parts, resale and other after use utilities. You could find individuals or organizations in your area that specialize in buying and resale of old electronics and sell them. This helps you get rid of old electronics while supplementing your income.

Trade them in

In some special cases, such as with old phones or computers, there could be the option of trading them in for newer models. In some cases, trade in for a newer model might cost you some money, but the cost is way less than that of buying a new electronic. This has the added advantage of solving the recycling dilemma for you while adding to your assets.

This is a moral obligation that should be taken seriously to leave a healthy environment for future generations!

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