How to Find the Right Cloud Solutions for Your Specific Product (Service)

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How to Find the Right Cloud Solutions for Your Specific Product (Service)

The rapid increase in cloud solutions providers makes it tricky for organizations to select the one that will meet their needs. Your priority when making a choice on cloud solutions should always be the software’s ability to match specific products/ services offered by your organization. The market offers a myriad of providers ranging from the giants Google, Amazon, and Microsoft to smaller providers. Here are detailed insights to help you make this choice:

Determine the Sensitivity of Product-Related Data

You need to establish whether you need private or public cloud solutions. The choice you make here will determine the safety of the data you store. If you intend to store highly sensitive information about your specific products, you should use a private option. While public cloud solutions are relatively cheap, they do not guarantee the security of your data. Nevertheless, you should consider the cost of the cloud solutions and determine whether they are ideal for your business size.

Check the Certifications and Standards

When shortlisting your potential cloud solutions providers, you should perform a quick search to ensure that they comply with the industry’s standards. Ensure that they have well-structured processes, unmatched data management, service status visibility, and top-notch management knowledge.

Check for Data Security

You shouldn’t entrust your product’s data to just any cloud solutions provider. Instead, perform an extensive background check to determine the authenticity of the company. Ensure that you ask for incidents reports, security audit reports, and evidence of correctional efforts for raised issues. The provider’s risk-based information security should support the organization’s security processes. Also, ensure that user access using whichever route and the activities they undertake thereof can be tracked and audited. Let the provider outline the responsibility of every participant in ensuring the security of the system to avoid leakage of sensitive data.

Ensure Reliability/Performance of the Provider

You should check the performance of the cloud solutions provider against their Service Level Objectives (SLA) for the last 6 to 12 months. While downtime is unavoidable, you should ensure that the provider has an unquestionable ability and experience to deal with the problems as they arise. This will ensure that your product/service operates optimally thus increasing your organization’s efficiency. Also, the providers monitoring and reporting systems should be reliable and have the ability to your business’s management and reporting system.

Elaborate Exit Plan

You should not compromise your ability to switch providers. Avoid providers with vendors-lock in mechanism and those that are using proprietary technologies that are incompatible with competitors. Before signing the contract, ensure that you establish the state your data will be in during the transition. Ensure that there is an elaborate exit plan that guarantees security for your data.

Bottom Line

Conducting due diligence is a must before you sign that contract with a cloud solutions provider. Ensure that there are no hidden details; ask for all the documentation to guarantee authenticity, reliability, and security for your data.

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