How to Secure Your Work Computer from Cyber Threats

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Threats to systems and networks worldwide have been on the rise. With the complexity of Internet security rapidly increasing, the complexity of security solutions is rising manifold too. There are scores of vulnerabilities identified that can pose a threat to any organization. With technology advances, more and more companies are storing business and individual information on computers than ever before. This dependence on IT has, in turn, resulted in cybercriminals evolving rapidly with the increased sophistication of attack leaving users utterly open to significant risks.

Earlier, a simple firewall would have done the trick to ensure that your business is kept far away from trouble. But, the usual scanners are not equipped to identify these vulnerabilities as they are equipped to cover a small portion of the issue, which is identifying operating system and application vulnerabilities. Firewalls that avert unauthorized intrusions into private networks are also not enough on their own to protect information and prevent virus attacks.

Organizations can no longer protect themselves from these evolving threats using traditional reactive and technology-focused means. It has become necessary for them to continually evaluate and understand the high-business-impact and high-likelihood threats that exist in their information infrastructure and develop effective controls. With more and more threats being encountered there is a need for the businesses to adopt comprehensive threat management solutions that can help tackle the problem. An efficient solution with a set of proper procedures and systems needs to be applied to counter the threat to information effectively.

Threats, be it internal or external, can not only cause financial losses but can also damage the image of an enterprise. To ensure that threat management takes priority over other activities, deploying the right threat management system can prevent a data breach and safeguard the company’s networks, systems, and assets.

As a company’s network, its information systems, databases, and processes are essentially its backbone, it is necessary to ensure that they are made secure from both internal and external threats. Hence, there is a need to invest in a solution that can help organizations solve multiple data-centric information security challenges that include: advanced persistent threats, data leakage, insider threats, malware analysis, continuous controls verification, and network e-discovery. The solution you choose must deliver a holistic solution for security and IT security and compliance with easy monitoring through an integrated dashboard, and provide end-to-end automation of all enterprise security, compliance, audit, and risk management needs. Effective threat management solutions are an absolute necessity for your enterprise to defend itself from today’s ever-present and pervasive cyber-threats.

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