How Your Phone Might Be Spying On You

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Recent advances in communications technology have made it possible to spy on a mobile phone without the owner knowing that someone is tapping or following his cellphone. With sophisticated technology that has produced undetectable spyware, how can you determine if someone is listening to your mobile phone? This article looks at ways on how to tell if your phone might be spying on you.

How Your Phone Might Be Spying On You

1) Sudden decrease in waiting time or waiting for the phone

If your phone is malfunctioning concerning waiting time or conversation for no apparent reason, this could be another sign of spyware. That is because spyware runs continuously in the background to collect data at regular intervals. Then, it loads the data it has recorded, such as incoming and outgoing text messages, calls events, and GPS locations, to a secure remote server for viewing by the person who installed the software. This person can access the files and everything that is stored on their phone. Of course, transmitting data from your phone to the server consumes a lot of power, which results in a sudden drop in battery life, leading in lower talk time and lower talk time than usual.

2) A sudden increase in mobile phone bills

An unusual increase in the amount of your phone bill may indicate that spyware has been installed on your system. What do you mean? Spyware applications transfer recorded data via connections such as GPRS. That causes a sudden increase in your bill, mainly if you do not use your phone to surf the web. As a result, a sudden rise in your statement due to unusual data traffic may be considered an indication of the presence of spyware on your phone.

3) If someone borrowed your phone

Physical access is the only way anyone can install spyware on their phone. Most spyware installed on a mobile phone takes only a few minutes, so if you have allowed someone to borrow your phone for reasons ranging from the call to downloading a new ringtone or a new game, it is certain that your phone is in danger. However, if you have not allowed anyone to access your phone, you can be sure that you are safe from spyware on your mobile phone.

4) Difficulties in shutting down the phone

Because a spyware application runs continuously in the background, this can cause a problem when you try to stop it. That means your phone is not responding to the shutdown operation. It’s like trying to shut down your computer, but it does not react because a program is still running, so Windows does not respond to the shutdown command. It’s the same thing that happens when spyware has been installed on your phone.

5) Web Icons

Mobile phone spyware transfers data to servers over an Internet connection. Most mobile phones display an icon indicating that an Internet connection is in progress. Therefore, if you notice that your phone shows a web connection icon, even if you are not browsing your phone, it is a good sign that spyware is running on your phone.


The best way to deal with spying is to remove the software from your phone, which can be done by reinstalling your operating system where you bought it. Another way is to avoid this scenario is to take extreme precautions and make sure that no one has access to your phone at all times. One way to do this is to lock the phone with a user PIN and observe it for any unusual behavior.

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